About Objective Marketing

Objective Marketing is a team of search industry veterans with experience dating back to the previous century. We have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to launch and maintain successful campaigns within search and related networks. Our team members have varying skill sets that complement each other and deliver expertise across the entire search, social, and display marketing landscape.

Social Media Marketing

Our team has worked in SEO since the term was first coined. We have worked with various search algorithms dating back to Open Text which was the first search engine to power search results at Yahoo. We have worked through on-page only algorithms from such engines as AltaVista, Lycos, Excite, WebCrawler, and Infoseek. As Google entered the picture in the late ’90s, our efforts evolved to match algorithms that included off-page signals (link popularity) and then content quality. As engines have evolved, so have our processes which now incorporate user experience, site speed, and security.

Our experience in Paid search dates back just as long. We were buying “Real Names” on AltaVista in 1998 and Goto.com, the first real paid search engine, launched in 1997. Our team members built out campaigns based on keyword research and bids very similar to the current day paid search products at Google & Bing. Our members helped develop one of the first paid search management tools (PPCBidTracker) as one of the original bid management partners with Overture (formerly GoTo). Overture partnered and with and was eventually purchased by Yahoo and became the paid search platform for Yahoo Search through the early 2000s. Since then, our team has had a hand in building out search management platforms for Google, Bing, and Shopping Engines. While learning the backend of these systems, our team was also engaged in building and managing campaigns for our varying clients. The list of platforms, networks, and engines we have worked in over the years is lengthy and some forgotten. We continue to explore online paid marketing and deliver effective campaigns on new and evolving platforms such as Video, Social, and Programmatic.

While we’ve let our site talk about our services and our experience. We’d appreciate it if you’d reach out and let us introduce ourselves. We have a wealth of knowledge that we’d love to share with you. We get excited about tackling new opportunities, leveraging our experience and insight to help clients develop sound marketing strategies, and executing successful campaigns.

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