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Digital Intelligence

Our goals-based marketing philosophy leans on data in order to succeed. Our team leverages technology to build accurate datasets that are then used to optimize campaigns for success.

Marketing succeeds when data can be tracked, and that data then used to optimize campaigns. Online marketing lends itself to being very trackable in detail. We leverage existing analytics systems and create customized solutions to capture data across multiple channels and platforms.


Tracking of user site interactions happens across numerous platforms. We leverage those platforms and build customized plans to connect datasets across various platforms. Connecting to dots allows a complete picture to form showing initial interactions through completed conversion. From Analytics to Marketing Automation to CRM and tying in other applications – we measure revenue back to its source.

Most data tracking starts with a suite of Google tools – Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager, and Google Data Studio. Leveraging these tools effectively delivers vision into onsite behaviors. This covers tracking e-commerce sales, lead generation, and other site actions. Integrating this data into Marketing Automation (Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot) and CRM (Salesforce, MS Dynamics 365) closes the data loop lining up site interactions with revenue.

Google Analytics

We setup/optimize GA to capture all site data and track site actions (sales, events, leads). We leverage audience segmentation for campaigns and tie GA to other Google Tools – Tag Manager, Search Console & Data Studio.

Advanced Tracking Solutions

Customer interaction isn’t limited to site activity. We implement tracking across other interaction points such as chat and phone.

Custom Data Integration

We customize plans to integrate data across multiple platforms. From analytics to marketing automation & CRM and then back to analytics. Thus, closing the loop and creating a complete dataset.

Leveraging Data

We leverage captured data to improve campaign performance and deliver reporting that measures success.