Web Development Services

Paid Search Management

Paid search is the core online marketing initiative for most companies. Targeting users at their point of interest is the most powerful form of advertising. Our expertise in this area allows us to drive successful campaigns in even the most competitive of industries.

Our team builds a high-level strategy that effectively captures user interest while they are actively looking for your products or services. By developing a targeted action plan, we can deliver expansive campaigns that display at the top of search results and then reengage users throughout their online journey.


We use a very structured approach to campaign creation. Focus on ad group organization that marries keyword to ad copy to landing page is a basic tenet. Crafting in various targeting tactics such as audience, ad extensions, geotargeting, and advanced bid strategies help our campaigns outperform the competition. Ongoing management testing ad copy, enhancing keyword lists (positive & negative), and bid optimization fuel additional success.

We are able to meet and exceed our client’s expectations with a hands-on approach that is delivered by a team of experienced search markete.rs Relying on our extensive industry knowledge, continuously evolving our skills, and putting in the extra effort to understand our client’s business has led to positive outcomes for our clients.

Keyword Research

Developing a comprehensive list of targeted keywords gets your business in front of the most users. Effective keyword research uncovers long-tail keywords that many of your competitors have overlooked.

Competitor/Industry Research

Researching your industry and competitors reveals tactics and strategies that can be used to expand upon campaign efforts.

Advanced Optimizations

Bid strategies, Geotargeting, Dayparting, Audience targeting, Negative keywords are all part of the process that delivers exceptional campaign management.

Tracking & Reporting

Advanced analytical tracking implementation and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reporting provide concrete evidence of success and drive further optimization.