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Shopping Feed Management

Creating an accurate and optimized product datafeed is the foundation for a successful paid shopping campaign on Amazon, Bing, Google and other shopping platforms.

Shopping Feed Management and Comparison Shopping Engine (CSE) campaign management are an integral part of our paid media approach for Ecommerce clients. We take your product data, turn it into an optimized product feed and then manage paid shopping campaigns to deliver positive ROI.


Our team works in taking your raw data into our CSE management platform and then working to deliver optimized information to CSEs. Optimization of product information such as titles, descriptions, product type and product category help ensure that the products can be displayed to the correct audience. Organization of your products into structured campaigns allows for proper management and reporting of your products.

Setting up properly structured and optimized feeds delivers a product feed that passes CSE validation and eliminates product disqualification. This allows our team to create that perfect campaign structure and deliver our clients positive ROI across various CSE platforms.

Data Feed Creation

We format data and create datafeeds to meet requirements at numerous CSEs including Google, Amazon & Bing.

Feed Optimization

Optimization of Product information including titles, descriptions, product types and product categories sets you up for success.

Feed Management

Making sure your data remains updated and accurate ensures that it remains in compliance with CSE policy and remains visible to your target audience.

Campaign Management

Structuring your products into organized and optimized campaigns allows for effective management and optimizations which result in positive ROI.